Why Wear a Motorcycle Helmet?

Motorcycles have always had a certain coolness to them. The popular image is that of a hero, riding out of or into the sunset on a motorcycle, making lots of noise, and wearing shades and rarely wearing a helmet.

Think of Tom Cruise in Top Gun with the famous motorcycle scenes. But that’s the movies and this is real life. In real life, not wearing a helmet when you ride a motorcycle can lead to fines, imprisonment, and a very real chance of death or serious injury in the event of a crash (https://www.lane-lane.com/).

Helmets have come a long way since the early days of motorcycles. They now look good, feel better, and save thousands of lives each year. Back during the origins of motorcycles helmets, they were made from naturally occurring materials like leather with cloth padding inside and didn’t cover the full head. Of course, speeds were a lot lower then compared to now (there are some bikes that when purchased and ridden from stock, can reach in excess of 200 miles per hour), but the injuries sustained to people in accidents without headgear on were horrific.

Head injuries unfortunately do still occur, from relatively minor injuries to serious wounds; it is more important now than ever before to wear a helmet.

These days, helmets are made from materials that have been designed and tested to withstand devastating impacts over multiple design iterations and with feedback from the world’s top racing stars for things like fit and feel, visibility, airflow, and looks.

Because of all this, customers have a plethora of choices in the helmets they buy. From full face racing jobs that are specially sculpted to maximise aerodynamics and thus reduce drag so that they cut through the air, to two-piece full-face helmets that enable a rider to swivel the jaw piece of the helmet up so that they can talk unimpeded, to two-way radios that allow riders to talk to each other whilst riding, there are as many different choices of helmet available as there are choices of motorcycles.

When taken into account that the majority of countries around the world have stringent helmet laws for motorcycles due to the potential for lethal injuries in accidents, it makes sense to get a helmet that you feel comfortable with, reflects your riding style,and maybe eve gives you a thrill when you put it on.

After taking all of this into account the question is not “why wear a motorcycle helmet?” Instead, it becomes why would you not wear a motorcycle helmet?

If you do get injured in a motorcycle crash and live in the state of Illinois, be sure to contact a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer.

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