Detroit Days: Unveiling the Evidence

When I lived in Detroit back in the 1980s, I briefly worked under a Detroit car crash attorney as an evidence gatherer. I was technically an assistant, but my sole role in every case was to go out and gather all of the evidence in a case. Evidence could include police reports, witness testimonies, photographs, video footage, or medical records. Whatever there was to find, I was the one to find it.

This was one of the most interesting jobs I had, because oftentimes, I felt like a private investigator. It wasn’t always easy to obtain the evidence I needed, but this evidence could be the deciding factor in whether our client won the compensation in their lawsuit.

Sometimes I would go to the police station and plead with the officers to give me a crash report that hadn’t been released yet. There were also times when I’d wait for hours in the hospital until a doctor was done with surgery just so I could speak to the doctor and get a statement on my client’s injuries and side effects. As you can see, evidence matters and my job as an evidence gatherer was crucial.

How I Uncovered the Truth

My shining moment during my Detroit days was when I uncovered the truth in a personal injury case by obtaining video footage from a traffic camera, something that normally isn’t available to the public. In fact, it’s rare that these traffic cameras even record video, but luckily, the traffic camera at the intersection where our client’s wreck occurred recorded everything.

In the video, you could see that the driver who hit our client was actually reading a newspaper while behind the wheel! He looked up from his paper right before T-boning our client. Without this footage, our client may not have received the settlement he deserved for his wreck. I felt so proud when I took the time to track down this camera footage so that we could use it as evidence in court.

Life Is Different These Days

These days, the only thing I really go searching for or gathering is fish in the sea! My adventures in Australia have been intriguing, but they’re definitely different than my days working under attorneys and government officials. I’m enjoying the difference in both landscape and culture here in the Outback, but reminiscing on my past experiences through this blog is what keeps me balanced, happy, and whole.

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